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Meghan's work is influenced by natural light and landscapes. She has built a career photographing in some of the most beautiful places, and she has a passion for interiors, lifestyle & entertaining, travel and spending time outside - always feeling most at home near the water.

Her work is driven by a nature-inspired palette and embodies an earthy, effortless aesthetic. Through her love of organic design, natural textures and relaxed simplicity, she shares her vision for modern, stylish and laid-back living, offering her art and collection as an extension of that ethos.

Her work is meant to elevate spaces that are inviting, grounding and thoughtfully designed. She loves emphasizing colors found in nature, and she believes that the items and artwork chosen for a home should be done so with intentionality and purpose.

Having a deep love and respect for the art of photographing on film, Meghan remains dedicated to using film for her landscape work, which evokes a painterly, artistic feel through her use of fresh and simple compositions. With special attention to detail, these photographs are intended to bring a sense of warmth, ease and beauty into your home and life.